Sunday, 6 January 2013

Shoes! (with pictures)

Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good shoe. I think until I had the Little Lady I was, to paraphrase John Lewis, never knowingly in flats.

I adored heels. I am a woman who once threw out 40, yes, FORTY, pairs of shoes and STILL had 70 pairs left. That is how much of an Imelda I am.

I have shoes in the porch cupboard, shoes in the spare room, a whole cabinet in the bedroom devoted to shoes, and still yet more shoes in my wardrobe. I wouldn't be surprised to open a kitchen cupboard and find a pair (especially not having seen the state of the kitchen this morning! Eek! My husband is definitely NOT a clean freak).

So when I was offered a VIP slot for the Next Christmas sale, I kinda had to go have a look, and of course none of the clothes I liked had been reduced but there were a number of pairs of super-cute shoes just crying out for a new home.

So far, only two of the three pairs I ordered have come. I also did order a lovely dress which I'm hoping will arrive in time for my birthday. It's sparkly and glam and only really a Going Out Out dress, which usually I don't buy because I rarely go Out Out these days, but it was cheap and it has small sleeves (rare on a nice dress) and, and...

Anyway, so I thought I'd share with you the two pairs I have received so far. Now, I know I won't be wearing these any time soon. I'm thinking maybe next winter they will get a chance to be on my feet. I have no intention of rushing my recovery, but at £16 a pair - yes, that's right, just £16 a pair - I figure that if they end up not fitting I can just sell them on.

The first pair I think might be OK before winter. They are a mid heel, and fairly wide, with a strap over the front for security (we all know that open court shoes, or pumps for my American readers, make you use your toes to keep them on), and they are just the most funkalicious leopard print on ponyskin too! (Actually, it is probably cheaper cow hide, but it has a lovely hairy feel.)

Look at that darling cone heel!

I know they're pointy, but I reckon that occasional wearings won't be too bad. I've definitely read that other people who've had this surgery can wear normal shoes later on, and if I am careful I'm hopeful I won't have to sell on my entire shoe collection.

The other pair are a bit naughty really. They are high, too high really for operated-on feet, but they are silver teamed with nude croc! I mean, who could resist? Add in an ankle strap (one of my weaknesses) and a peep toe (another one) and I could not refuse these shoes if you paid me.

Beautiful, huh?

I'll share the other pair with you as soon as they arrive later this month. Suffice to say: high banana heel, nude suede, cross-over peep toe detail...


  1. Sigh. Since my bunion op 35 years ago I have never been able to wear heels more than half an inch. The 1st pair on here look gorgeous.

    1. Oh wow, 35 years is a long time to be in such low heels! But maybe being free of pain is worth it?

      Yes, I love those leopard print ones too! I will be quite gutted if I end up not being able to wear them, but I'm hopeful :)

      How have you found your feet since the op? Have the bunions stayed away? I'd love to hear your experiences.

      Emma x

    2. mostly painfree in sensible flats. outline looks ok in closed in shoes as no deformity pushing out. I would not wear sandals as big toe is half an inch shorter than the next one and it looks horrible as fused bones ( yes I have seen people stare so stopped wearing open toes).very self aware of my ugly feet though they are better now than before the op. my scars are on top of the foot in line with the big toe so a lot of ballet type shoes rub across the scar. very restricted as to what to wear so live in trainers or pixie boots or walking type shoes. have they come back? well... the toes are not straight, they are being pulled to the side as though I had hammer toe so I guess if I wore a toe separator it would look fairly straight and there is no big bone sticking out so they haven't come back but not happy with them.
      Yours look very good. To be fair mine were extremely deformed before the op with my big toe totally out of line. HTH

    3. That sounds disappointing for you. I would hate it if I was restricted in what shoes I can wear to that extent, but I guess if you're not in pain any more that has to be the main consideration.

      My big toe has definitely shortened in the op, and was shorter anyway, but I'm OK with how my feet look. They are so much better than they were after all.

      I'm sorry your op didn't work out how you'd hoped. Perhaps it might be worth investigating what could be done for you now? Procedures must have moved on somewhat since you had yours.


  2. Hi Emma!
    Thank you so much for your blog - I've just spent hours reading it! I'm now 3 weeks and 5 days post-op - also a scarf osteotomy, but just one foot for me. It went very well, but already my mind is racing head to post-cast shoes and then to life post-boring shoes! So I'm curious to know how you're getting on now, how soon you were able to get back to wearing normal shoes ... and if you've had a chance to wear those heels yet?! ;)