Wednesday, 2 January 2013

On vanity, with pictures

Spending all this time in bed has done nothing for my glamour quotient, I can tell you.

Unwashed hair scragged back into a ponytail, bare toenails poking dully out from bandages, no make-up, outfits consisting of tracksuit bottoms at best, pyjama bottoms at worst - something had to give.

The problem with being in the casts and bandages for so long is that my feet have inevitably got a bit manky. Not being able to soak them, or exfoliate, coupled with the constant pressure on my heels whether I'm lying down with my heels on the bed, or walking around on my heels, has left them looking really dry.

I also had a peek under the bandages the other day and eek! I had read that the skin would be dry and scaly but oh my goodness! It's like I've become half lizard. Yuck.

And it is so hard to do anything about it right now.

If you can stomach it, here are some pictures of my dry heels.

This is the left heel. This one is the better looking one, if you can imagine that.

And this is the very scaly right one.


I am itching to soak them and get rubbing with my foot file, but I can't. So I tried putting loads of body butter on them. I like Dove pro-age nourishing body butter, it smells nice and is easily absorbed and also not too pricey.

This is the heels after:



As you can see, they do look better, but it hasn't really lasted and feels a bit like plastering over the cracks.

If you're wondering what the black spot is on the side of my heel/ankle, it seems to be some kind of bruise. I have them on both feet and they appear to be fading very slowing. I assume they were caused by a clamp during surgery but I don't actually know.

For New Year, I went to a friend's party. The hubby drove us there and I hobbled in on crutches and then spent the whole night on the sofa with my feet up on a crate of beer! Good times.

I actually ended up really sore after that evening. I got ready as quickly as I could, but even sitting on a chair to do my make-up made my feet painful, so even before I had left the house I was in a lot of pain and it was really hard to walk.

When I got home again, they were horribly swollen and I had to use pillows overnight to elevate them while I slept and try and reduce the swelling.

I'm obviously not really ready yet for doing very much, which is quite frustrating.

I did look glam for my night out though:

My friend came round and helped my dye my hair, and then I did some experimental blue glitter eyeliner wings on my eyes.

Finally, I made sure my feet weren't left out and gave them what I call a Dorothy pedicure - red glitter!

I took that picture on New Year's Day, and you will notice I even managed to force my casts through the legs of my slim fit jeans! Hurrah! I can wear decent clothes again. Wouldn't want to try it with skinnies though.

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  1. Special creams for cracked heels (those of us who wear sandals most of the time know all about those) might do more and last longer for those heels.
    You'll need to protect anything your heels are resting on though. It does stay greasy for a good while. Works wonders. Thanks for reminding me. I'm having bilateral Scarfe/Akin procedures in 3 days... Must get a big tube of heel balm.