Monday, 14 January 2013

Another day, another pair of shoes (with pictures)

With just a week to go before I get my casts off (eight more sleeps!) I thought I'd share with you the extremely unattractive velcro shoes I've been wearing since the operation, the really quite unattractive trainers I've had to buy to wear for the next however-many weeks, and the simply beautiful heels I hope one day to be able to wear.

First-up, the velcro beauties. I've had to wear these all the time since the operation. They have a hard solid sole that doesn't bend, to protect my joints as they heal.

They are black, fasten with velcro, only come in one orientation (there's no left and right, each shoe is exactly the same) and are frankly awful.

As you can see, they are particularly clunky and in my opinion they don't even fit! My toes hang over the end so they feel really vulnerable.

I cannot wait to be rid of these.

Originally I planned to spray paint them a metallic blue and then paint the soles red as a cheeky nod to Louboutin. But the spraying needed to be done outside, so I had to ask the hubby to do it...nuff said.

Anyway, as of next Tuesday I'll be able to wear trainers.

Many of you might be thinking "that's great". That would be people who like trainers. I hate them.

I am still seething at having had to spend my money on a pair of trainers, and although I tried to find the most attractive pair I could (attractive trainers, surely an oxymoron) I'm not happy. It's partly because, obviously, I can't try them on.

This is them.

I think they are maybe just about bearable.

Let's have a closer look at the metallic details.

I am a little concerned that they are too narrow in the forefoot, but luckily I bought them from Schuh who have a 365-day returns policy! As long as they are in saleable condition, I have a whole year to send them back. So when I go to the hospital next week I'll also take some other trainery things and the surgeon can choose what he thinks is best.

Worst case scenario: he says no to all of them.

Then I'll just wear the velcro beauties home and get ordering more from Schuh! At least I'll be able to try them on by then.

And lastly, here are the aspirational shoes for the future, my £16 Next bargain beauties.

Aren't they lovely?

Let's just have a close-up of those adorable sequins.

I'm looking forward to wearing them - maybe for Regatta in July. Well, it's good to have a goal.

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  1. I have the same lovely shoes and mine are really too large! It's only been 10 days and I just want to burn them. I plan to when the time comes to transition - I'll have a nice little ugly shoe burning ceremony ha ha. I do have some rather fabulous crutches which were loaned to me by a friend. They are leopard print and quite stylish. Your trainers are super cute but I was thinking the same thing - that they may be too narrow. Do you wear Uggs where you live? I was thinking they would be good because the toes are very wide. That or a good pair of clogs maybe. Anyway, just my thoughts.