Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Day 37 - progress, pain and a move

Over the last week or so, I have noticed some definite improvements in my feet, and some small leaps forward in my recovery.

The biggest thing is: I have moved base camp downstairs.

This is a huge step forward. Instead of spending most of the day sitting in bed, and napping occasionally, I have now set up my camp on the sofa.

In addition, I can do a little bit of housework (I'm sure that must be a positive thing, honest) and get myself food/drinks as long as I don't overdo it.

This morning the Little Lady went back to preschool, so I tried to clear up a bit of the mess around the house.

I sat on my bottom on the floor to tidy up her toys, and then did a little bit in the kitchen, putting a wash on and loading the dishwasher (because the hubby thinks putting stuff in there is optional - he seems to like to 'decorate' the worksurfaces with dirty plates).

After 45 minutes my feet were really objecting, and now I can feel they have swollen up, but if I can do half-hour bursts one or two times a day then at least I can start getting back to normal.

In terms of pain, it seems to be changing as time goes on. A week ago my main issue was scratchy, itchy pain at my incision sites, which was worrying me because a big post-op fear for me is that I will scar badly.

But now, the pain has changed. I do still get scratchiness where my incisions are, but all last night the worst pain was deep inside my left foot, a cross between the pain of a bruise, and the agony of when you whack your foot hard against something.

Every time I rolled over in bed it throbbed agonisingly, and my feet also seemed to heat up inside the bandages - they were so hot it was uncomfortable.

It makes a change, though. In the last week I have noticed that often, my feet feel like they are icy cold. You know how they feel when you are totally freezing and they have lost almost all sensation?

Well, I get that feeling a lot but when I actually touch my toes they are warm. Weird, huh?

It's quite disconcerting and can be almost painful, but it must just be part of the complex healing process.

I must admit, I'm quite excited about getting the casts off and seeing what's going on under there.


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