Sunday, 20 January 2013

Mmm. Footfetti.

Today I was trying to get a good look at my feet beneath the casts, to see just how horribly scaly they are.

I was pulling at the edges of the bandages to try and peek under the cast, which, by the way, is pretty impossible even for someone as flexible as me, when I made a discovery.


Yes, I've made that up. But let's say I've coined it, like Shakespeare, because isn't it a great word? It totally describes what happened: a load of flakes of dead skin from my feet came floating out of the cast as a released the bandage edge, like confetti at a zombie wedding.

Almost beautiful. And yet, not.

I nearly took a picture but figured peole might read this while eating lunch. Imagine instead a pile of very large flakes of dandruff. That's pretty much it.

Oh yeah, I am SO looking forward to the state of my feet on Tuesday.

Two sleeps to go!

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