Thursday, 31 January 2013

Progress report 8 weeks 2 days, VIDEOS!

I was walking down the stairs yesterday when I had a bit of a revelation - that I was WALKING DOWN THE STAIRS!

Sounds dullsville but it was the first time I have managed the stairs without having to put my heel down first, and without needing to put one foot down, then put the next foot on the same stair, like a child does.

This was so exciting I felt that pictures just wouldn't cut it. No still picture could possibly convey the amazingness (yes, it's a word) of me walking down the stairs. So I did a video.

And then I got carried away and did a few videos for you, of my exercises and walking, and just a general look at my feet and scars.

So...all the words today are in the videos, here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

(By the way, don't my toes look fantabulously straight in that opening still!)

I'll tell you what, though, it takes at least half an hour for each one to upload to YouTube, so it's definitely not an option for a quick update. The third one took over 90 minutes to upload!

Let me know if you like them - leave me a comment here on the blog. If videos are popular, then I can do more. No weird requests please!


  1. Hi Emma, just found your blog today and have to say I have enjoyed reading it
    I am 3 weeks post my single bunion surgery and have had a totally different experience from you so far. My surgery was carried out at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, Scotland and although I imagine our surgeries were much the same my post op has been totally different. After my surgery I left the hospital the next day with only a thick bandage and a very weird looking shoe which has a built up heel to mid foot sole (thus no pressure on front half of my foot). My instructions on leaving hospital were heel bearing weight for 4 weeks then partial weight bearing for the next 2 week before finally full weight bearing. My bandage was removed after 10days, replaced by a light one (with no toe spacer in place) for the next week. For the last few days I now only use light padding more for protection and comfort when wearing the shoe. I don't know whether I feel relief that I have not had to go through what you have (7 weeks in plaster!!!!) or fear that my post surgery regime is going to be detrimental to my recovery. I have to say that my foot feels good and I am able to move about well wearing my weird shoe but only time will tell if my outcome will be as good as yours!


    1. Hi Karen

      Thanks for commenting, and I'm glad you're enjoying the blog.

      Your experience sounds similar to the American blogs I have read, with regards to the bandages being changed, and the half-soled shoe (Darco shoe?). I think perhaps some of it is down to surgeon preference as it doesn't sound essentially much different.

      Although I was not told in advance about non-weight-bearing (NWB), partial-weight-bearing (PWB) or full-weight-bearing (FWB) it is not clear to me that my progress is similar to that outlined for you - NWB for two weeks, then PWB till 6 weeks, and then FWB. I was only in plaster for seven rather than six weeks because of the Christmas break getting in the way!

      I don't imagine your surgeon would have you doing anything that would be detrimental - I know I'm rather down on the NHS at times but I do think surgeons want to ensure their work has a good result!

      The spacers might be preference too, although I don't think I've read any recovery blogs that didn't mention them, and I personally am glad I've had them and plan to wear them in the future as they are comfortable and can help delay the development of bunions.

      I'd love to read about how you get on so do let me know. I'd be happy to give you a whole post of your own if you want to write about your journey and share some pictures.

      Good luck and best wishes
      Emma x

  2. Emma thank you so much for your blog and photos and videos. They have been a big help to me. I was especially encouraged by your walking video after 8 weeks. I live in South Florida and am so looking forward to walking the beach again! I've got a good 6 1/2 weeks to go but feeling much more optimistic after finding your blog. You have done a great service for anyone considering the surgery. Sometimes it just helps to know what you are going through is normal (without ringing the doctor's office constantly.) Cheers!