Monday, 17 December 2012

Tomorrow I meet my new feet!

Tomorrow afternoon I go back to hospital and will have the plaster casts removed from my feet. For the first time since my operation, I'll get to see my feet, and the incisions and stitching on them, which will give me an idea of what level of scarring I will have once it's all healed.

I'm actually quite nervous.

I've obviously had a lot of time to stare at the tips of eight of my toes peeking out of my casts, and the thing that has struck me is that the big toes don't look as straight as I expected them to.

Now, I can only see the very very tips of them, just the toenail in fact, but when I point my foot up at the ceiling my big toes don't point exactly up, they point just slightly towards the outsides of my feet.


This was worrying me so much that the other day I started Googling images and I did find some pictures of feet have big toes where the end joint is not totally straight even though the rest of the toe is.

I'm really hoping these are the kind of feet that I have.

It seems odd not to know, but when I think back I cannot remember a time when I did not have bunions. When I was younger I didn't know they were called that, and I don't think I realised that my feet were technically deformed, but I honestly can't picture my feet ever having had straight toes.

So tomorrow will be exciting!

In a way, it's like giving birth. Something has been happening without me being able to see it, and tomorrow afternoon I'll finally get to see the result.

I just can't wait to meet my feet!

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