Sunday, 23 December 2012

Stupidity, thy name is Emma

When I was reading other people's blogs about their recovery from bunion surgery, I scoffed at those that said things like "went to the gym after six weeks and now am in agony".

Ho ho! I laughed. What fools! I won't do anything like that. Oh no! Not me! I will be sensible and look after myself and not do anything that might affect my recovery.

So why, then, did I spend two hours last night sitting at my sewing machine making a Santa sack for the Little Lady?

Considering I know that I cannot sit with my feet on the floor for more than half an hour without them swelling and objecting, what exactly made me think that adding a sewing machine into the equation was going to somehow make it OK?

In my defence, I did think it would only take me an hour, max.

But it was so stupid!

Even before I had finished my feet were swelling, but by then I was committed. I'd decided I wanted to handmake this for my little girl and by golly! I was going to.


At the end, I could barely get back upstairs. Despite having spent the last few nights sleeping without my feet elevated, I put them up on a pillow, hoping that my this morning they would be OK.


My stupidity has left me in pain today as well. I can feel my swollen feet pushing against the insides of the casts, and my incisions keep throbbing, even through some painkillers.

So if you're reading this in preparation for having the operation, and you're thinking "ha! I will never do anything like that!", believe me, you will, my friend, you will. was kinda worth it. The bag is fab!

And if you'd like to make one of your own, check out my tutorial on my new craft blog. This link will take you to the tute, but do check out the rest of the blog, especially the post on what's coming soon.

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