Saturday, 15 December 2012

The view from my bed - picture post

I thought some of you might be wondering what it's like to be bedbound for a couple of weeks.

Being totally honest, I've quite enjoyed it! As a mum of a three-year-old, life tends to be lived at high-octane level, so the chance to kick back, relax, and just be at leisure has been nice.

I've acually done even less than I thought I would while I was in bed. I had planned to do some knitting, maybe some crafts, read loads of books, blog, write, and watch TV.

What I've done is go on the internet, blog, go on the internet, watch TV, go on the internet, read, go on the internet, sleep, go on the internet and, erm, go on the internet.

Maybe if I'd kept off the internet some of the other stuff might have got done!

I did paint the nails on my left hand today, trying out some paint effects so I can decide what to do on the toes that I can see out of my bandages. I am fed up of looking at bare toenails so was experimenting with two of my top coats - a gold glitter suspension in clear, and an iridescent flake glitter in clear - over bases of white, gold and a pale pinky-white that is used for French manicures.

Here's the result:

Feel free to leave a comment below and tell me which one is your favourite.

So, onto my view. I used the panoramic assist on my camera, but I can't get them to display side by side on the blog, and right now I can't be bothered to stick them in word and then save it as a whole picture, so you'll have to piece it together in your own head.

This one is of my table. It's one of those TV tables, with two legs that curve down and underneath so you can pull it over your lap. We bought it after we had the Little Lady, so I could breastfeed and eat/surf the net at the same time, but it's been pretty handy for this too, as it pulls over the bed like the tables in hospital.

And this next one is my bedside table. It looks cluttered, but that's because I have about three drinks on there - water, tea and a homemade smoothie from my lovely friend Ish. She made it with raspberries, watercress, orange and TOFU! It tasted amazing and was presumably really healthy.

The next one is what I look at most of the time, because it's directly in front of me - the TV! My lovely hubby set up our old computer in our room so I can use the internet to watch TV live, or on catch-up. We don't have televisions in bedrooms in our house, that's a house rule, but we made an exception for my recovery period. Today, the Little Lady and I watched The Little Mermaid together so she got some Mummy Time and it was lovely.

So there you are. I'll tell you what, it's going to be exciting going downstairs after a fortnight of being up here!

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