Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Freedom is a new cast.

Ah! The sweet, sweet joy of being freed! The deep blue of the living room carpet! The brighter daylight through the front room windows! The smooth exapnse of the kitchen floor!

Yes, dear readers. I have been downstairs. T'was a momentous occasion.

Obviously, I had to go down the stairs in order to go to hospital yesterday. I didn't abseil out of the Little Lady's bedroom window.

But when I got home from hospital, I scuttled straight back upstairs again, to my cosy pit nest where I've been very happy hibernating from the cold this last fortnight.

See? It's all set up for me. Who wouldn't want to be there?

But today I had a friend come round for a cuppa and I thought 'why not entertain downstairs?'.

Why not indeed, verily and forsooth? (Sorry, I'm in a funny mood today. Must be all this freedom.)

Employing the 'puppet crab' method, I edged sideways down the stairs, clinging onto the bannister. Classy and graceful, as always.

I ditched the crutches because I have found that I can walk around as long as take weird high steps (because I can't bend my feet). It's a bit like powerwalking only it is very very slow. And hilarious to watch. Kudos to the hubby for not laughing.

My friend and I sat in the living room, my feet perched on a borrowed pouffe (thanks Hannah!) and it was nice to be out of the bedroom.

So nice that I had lunch at the kitchen table. I know! Living dangerously is my second hobby.

But sadly, after a couple of hours my feet were objecting. Despite the surgeon telling me to continue to elevate them, I forgot while I had lunch, and that short period - around half an hour - of them being down was enough for them to swell.

I could feel the casts getting tight, the incisions throbbing.

So I scuttled back upstairs to my lovely pit and took some paracetamol and ibuprofen. I also remembered to do my heparin injection and damn that stuff stings when you're not on codeine!

So freedom is great, for sure, but I think too much of a good thing can be dangerous. Maybe I'll ease myself back into the world slowly.

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