Wednesday, 17 October 2012

This blog ain't no use without pictures

It's encouraging to see I'm getting some views. Thanks for reading! But I know what you're all thinking. "This blog ain't no use without pictures."

So, yeah, I've taken some. I'm trying to be really honest, so I took them after I'd done the preschool run, when my feet were scrunched and unhappy.

Please excuse the pedicure. It needs doing. My mani looks great though! Perhaps I should post a picture of that? (Turquoise with gold glitter tips, if anyone's interested.)

Ah, I'm procrastinating. You want to see the pictures. Brace yourselves. Here we go.


As you can see, I overpronate (roll my ankles in) due to my flat feet. Yeah, I know, so many issues! Anyway, I actually never stand like this but if I just let my body do what it wants, then this is what it looks like. You can see that my right big toe is beginning to overlap the one next to it. Left uncorrected, this is what leads to problems with the other toes.

This picture shows me correcting the roll. I do this all the time. It requires active thinking but as it reduces the pain a little I do remember to do it.

Here I am doing doing 'yoga toes', stretching my toes as far apart as possible; I have also started with my big toe and kind of used the carpet friction to hold them as near to straight as I can get. Yes, this really is as good as it gets. I know, it's pathetic. My feet are proper deformed.

This last one is to show what's happening with my big toe on my right foot. Basically, once the toes have bent over as far as they can go, the toe starts to roll over. You can see that my toenail no longer faces the ceiling, but is pointing away from my other toes, as if they've had an argument and are no longer on speaking terms. This is why this one hurts more than the left. Mr Nugent said once this starts happening, you really need surgery.

So those are my feet. In fact, to take the pictures I kind of leant back a bit, so they probably look worse than that when I stand straight and there is more weight on my toes, but it gives you the idea.

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