Sunday, 14 October 2012

Seven weeks to go

This week I had my operation date through, for December 3. That is just seven weeks away. I did know that I'd be given around six weeks' notice, but somehow it is only now that I have a real, tangible date that it feels an incredibly short time.

This afternoon I was reading some other blogs about people's bunion surgery. Most of them seem to peter out quite quickly; the most alarming was the one that stopped after four days, just after an entry about the author having passed out in the bathroom from the pain of having hobbled to the toilet. It didn't say if she'd managed to get to the toilet first, but let's hope for her dignity that she did!

I did find one on Tumblr that was comprehensive, and although they also had surgery on their little toes for something called tailor's bunions, the recovery period seemed to be incredibly long. Even a year after surgery she had pain. Gulp.

So I have seven weeks to adjust to the prospect of constant, debilitating pain for not just weeks but months and possibly longer than a year.

Seven weeks to get used to the idea that I won't be wearing heels for a very, very long time.

Seven weeks to prepare myself for being effectively disabled for months.

Seven weeks.

I guess I'll have to make the most of them by wearing every pair of heels I possess and going out dancing. It's a hard life.

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