Monday, 25 February 2013

12 weeks! Moans and milestones.

Wow! Today is a special day. It is the 12-week "anniversary" of my operation. Is it me or has that three months gone slooooooowwwwwwwly?

I'll start with some positives.

I'm still able to drive and finding it gets easier, although sometimes if I have to use the clutch too much it makes my foot hurt. But it is so nice to have the freedom that driving brings.

Other than that, there's been nothing major. I'm still doing my exercises, which I still need to photograph/video for you, and still hobbling around.

That's my moan - that my left foot is still very painful following being yanked by Emma of orthotics, and I've decided to put in an official complaint about her as I feel she's set my recovery right back.

I limp on that foot and it is still extremely painful along the top of the foot, in a line down the centre of the toe and along the foot itself.

I've noticed that whereas a few weeks ago I was thinking about how to move or do things, I am now doing things without thinking.

While that is definitely progress, it does mean that sometimes I do something my feet don't like - and they really let me know!

I'm continuing to massage my scars every day, and they still look much as they did a few weeks ago.

In fact, I can see now why so many bunions blogs start to peter out around this stage of recovery.

There just isn't much to say!

That, and life begins to get busy again as you get back to normal and there's less time for blogging.

But I really do want this to continue to be a resource for people, so I'm determined to carry on blogging and updating you.

Tomorrow I go back to the hospital and I'm hoping to see Mr Nugent. If I don't get to see him I plan to ask for another appointment so that I can.

As I have very little to say, I thought I'd leave you with some pictures of my feet in socks, with the spacers in and without, so you can see the difference the spacers make, and the shape of my feet with no orthotics or spacers.

They're not quite as straight as I hoped, but I still think they're pretty good!

Here they are with the spacers (taken in daylight):

And without (using flash):

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