Sunday, 17 February 2013

Progress at 10 weeks 6 days

Despite today's blogfest, which has no doubt overwhelmed you with posts to read, I thought it was time for a specific progress update.

Incredibly, it's been two weeks and four days since I posted my video updates, and three weeks and a day since the last non-video progress report, so it's definitely overdue.

However, I think it's important to remember that the casts came off at seven weeks and one day, so it's not been that long since then.

If you want to catch up then click on the "progress" tab in the labels cloud to the right and they will come up, or find them in the archive, also to the right.

At seven weeks I was able to walk but only slowly, and I could go up on tiptoe between 2.5 and 3 inches

At eight weeks I was walking on stairs using alternate feet, and had slightly improved tiptoe-motion.

Now, I don't even think about what I'm doing on the stairs, and I have started going up on tiptoe to do things like reach into cupboards and get out of the bath, without even thinking about it, which is great.

Walking is getting a bit quicker, although I've been set back a bit by the orthotics lady who has made my left foot really painful with her yanking of my big toe.

The biggest bit of progress has been getting back behind the wheel.

As I live in the UK, I drive a manual car (aka a stick shift, as it is hilariously called in the US) so I have to be able to use the clutch safely.

Yesterday, I had a go at driving home from Tesco and I managed it! I did need the seat a bit closer to the wheel than usual, to avoid overstretching my toes, but I managed it.

I don't think I could cope with too much clutch control, like in heavy traffic, as they did ache, but I can definitely do short trips that don;t have too much stopping and starting.

However, I managed to crock myself a bit with the Tesco trip. What was supposed to be a half-hour shop turned into an hour and 90 minutes with hubby and the Little Lady and it was just too long to be on my feet, especially on my new orthotics.

My legs, especially my knees, really ache today and I've had to elevate them all day and try and rest.

Half an hour would have been fine I think, though, and it's all progress.

So there we are. I'll do some pictures of the tiptoes test and my exercises this week.


  1. love your blog. im so down in the dumps. its week four for me. i cannot master the crutch thing & afraid of falling so im using a knee walker/scooter to get around my house. i was told by my surgeon that the operation went well and I should be walking in a air boot by now. when i put the boot on and put pressure on" heal only" my foot feel like im being stabbed with a knife where the bunion removal was preformed. im so disappointed. ive read so many posts on medical boards reading that most are walking with the aid of the air boot. i see the doctor tomorrow thinking positive but its hard.

    1. Hi anonymous! Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to post a comment.

      I take it that you have had one foot done? I saw those knee scooters when I was researching but they seem to be more of a US thing. I haven't ever seen one over here. Same for the air boots, they seem more American, but they sound cool!

      Week four is very early days. At four weeks I was still in bed! I think maybe you should expect a bit less? It will hurt because you have had skin, flesh, muscles and tendons cut and resewn, as well as bones cut, removed and pinned! It's major surgery!

      How did your doctor's appointment go? You're coming up to 7 weeks now? Is it any better? Pleasse stay positive! The early weeks are very hard going but it will get easier.

      Big hugs xx