Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Two weeks in bed? aka preparations for being bedridden

As the weeks march by (less than four to go!) I've been thinking more about what to do with myself when I'm stuck in bed.

I've no doubt that much of my time will be spent saying, "No! Don't jump on the bed! Get away from my feet!" to the Little Lady, who at three years old really cannot understand the concept of Mummy being ill for a day or so,let alone being bedridden for a fortnight.

But apart from that, which will be mucho fun, obvs, I was thinking about what I can do.

I'm really into sewing at the moment, using my machine, but I won't be able to use it while my feet are recovering (must get projects finished before then, must get projects finished before then, must get...) and I'm not a huge fan of hand sewing because it is so laborious.

So it's back to my knitting. I have an, ahem, Easter jumper that didn't quite get finished for Easter. The endless repeats of the lovely lace pattern killed my interest earlier in the year, but it is such a pretty top I think I'll knuckle down in bed and actually finish the darn thing. I've done all the hard part now anyway and it's just rounds and rounds of the body to do then sew up underarms and done! Maybe I should rename the Christmas jumper? Or even the bunions jumper? Hmmm.

There is also a WIP (work in progress) that will be a lovely cabled bag one day so I will have to have that on my bedside table too. I've no idea if I actually have enough yarn for that one as I was gifted a skein of bee-oo-tee-ful Rowan tweed which I don't think I can get another of.

But how fun will it be to get nearly finished and then run out? Oh too fun!

Lots of reading (any book suggestions gratefully received) is a shoo-in, plus time writing this blog, of course.

Maybe that will keep me busy enough? I am assuming that the pain and the meds won't conspire to make concentrating on things impossible, of course.

I guess if all else fails I could put my mind to creating some kind of preschooler-proof leg protector.

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