Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Vanity issue #1 - sorted!

Remember I mentioned I was having my hair straightened by my friend? Well, she did it last week and it is AWESOME!

I have the kind of hair that, left alone to dry or exposed to a smidgen of dampness, will react as though I've stuck my finger in an electric socket. Frizz central. so not a good look. I would share a picture but, you know, I'm too vain.

So. My lovely friend Lisa used her special wondrous stuff on me.

Actually, it is called Copolla Keratin Smoothing Treatment, but I call it 'that magic stuff'. Have a look here for their website. (Although you will note you don't seem to be able to buy the actual smoothing stuff on there. Lisa got hers from the States. Salons over here have it but don't sell it, but there must be a way, damnit, there must be a way...)

It took about three hours to do the treatment, which was nothing but a pleasure with Lisa and some incredibly tasty salted almonds, involving washing it and drying it bone dry, then painting the stuff on with a paintbrush, then straightening it with about ten passes of the straighteners on each section.

Then I wasn't allowed to wash it for three days. It was straight. Very straight. But increasingly greasy.

When I was finally allowed to wash it I was having a day in and so decided to let it air dry naturally, for kicks. I would NEVER normally do this as it would result in me needing to re-wash my hair and dry it properly in order to be able to leave the house without people laughing.

But this was IN. CRED. IBLE. My hair dried smooth, straight and lovely!

In my world, this is a Life Changing Event. (It deserves the capitals, believe me.)

So now I have no fear about my hair during my recovery period cos I can just wash and go!

Ah vanity, thou art sated.

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