Wednesday, 19 March 2014

I am a terrible blogger - a long overdue update

I almost feel too ashamed to write this post. I am a very bad blogger. When I was reading other people's blogs before my operation, I noticed that most of them stopped around six months, had the occasional entry after that if you were lucky, then stopped without notice.

I swore that would not be me.

And yet...the last time I wrote on this blog was six months after my operation and now it is well over a year since I had it done and I haven't updated since.

In mitigation, I have thought of you. I took pictures of my feet when I went on holiday last June, and of shoes I've bought, and I've composed posts in my head.

But you guys can't read my head. So I'm sorry. Especially as I see I have had 43,000 views and get around 2,000 a month and there has been nothing new for anyone to read.

No doubt you're all on tenterhooks wanting to know how my scars are, what shoes I'm wearing, and did the bokey nail ever get sorted?

I keep intending to do proper, backdated updates in chronological order, but I now realise that isn't going to happen, so what you're getting instead is a general update here, and then more detailed ones in no particular order as I find the time.

So, in general my feet are awesome! My scars are just thin silver lines that are barely visible. I am so incredibly pleased about this as for a long time they were still pink and looked like they might stay a dark purple, but they have completely faded now and look great.

My toes aren't straight. I did do a post where I was worried about this, but I think it's just my natural foot shape - either that or very strong muscles and tendons which insist on doing their own thing. So my big toes gently bend towards my other toes, but there is no bunion bump, the toes go a lot straighter when I'm standing on them than when they are in repose, and they look like totally normal feet, which was the aim after all.

I have no pain. None. My feet did used to get tired and sore but that hasn't happened for months now. I can be on them all day and they are completely OK. I did get my osteopath to massage them last time I went, but I think all feet need a little TLC occasionally, and it's nice to get a foot massage (the hubby hates feet so won't be offering this side of eternity).

As for shoes, this is the disappointing part. I will do a post on shoes, but in a nutshell, I can't wear high heels at all, I can wear low ones only for an hour or so and if they have a strap to hold my foot in and I walk really slowly, and I get a lot of pain under the balls of my feet if I try.

Currently I'm living in flats and flat boots (depending on the weather) and looking forward to getting my pretty sandals out in summer. I use my orthotics as much as I can (not in heels or sandals) and mostly I still wear the spacers, too, although I probably don't need to.

Any my toenail? Well, I got a treatment from the GP that you paint on your nail. I wasn't always great at remembering to do it, and expected it to take years to sort out, but by Christmas (so within six months of starting treatment) it was healed! I now have a totally normal toenail again. Which is a result.

So that's my whistlestop tour update. I will post better updates in more detail, with pictures, but at least this is something, huh?

I do read all your comments, even if I don't always reply (bad blogger, again) so do post me messages and I promise I will get better at blogging again. I was just too busy enjoying the freedom of happy, pain-free feet :)


  1. Thank you for writing this blog. I am due to undergo a bilateral first metatarsal osteotomy tomorrow morning and always find myself coming back to your blog for information. I am going to take a leaf out of your book and hope to document my own recovery at Thanks again!

  2. Hi
    I found your blog yesterday, it's been a very interesting and informative read, thank you! I am having bilateral bunionectomy in 2 days so this has been helpful. I am sorry to hear you aren't able to wear your beautiful shoes, I am longing to be able to wear mine so hope that I will be able to, most of all I am longing to get back to running, that's my passion and an important part if my life as I am a competitive runner.